The Black Fish

character design
At the start of 2013 we contributed to the creation of a film that would help raise awareness of the staggering rate at which the oceans are being emptied of it’s fish.
Saving The Oceans

The film was commissioned by The Black Fish; an organization that was established solely to fight for the preservation of ocean ecologies.

Creative Collaboration To produce this film, a team of over 30 animators and other artists was gathered, and after months of loving labor, the film premiered online on the first of July. And with over 30.000 views on the very first day, it turned out to be a huge success.
3D Character Design We were asked to design, model and rig the main character and a number of other animals. We started out with some designs and gradually turned them into fully rigged, textured and animateable characters.

Design & Animation: Pixodus